I am Jan van Iperen, born in the year of the Apple I1 in Holland, a.k.a The Netherlands, which means I am Dutch2. Married to Bee, father to J. & R. and enjoying life.


In day time, I am owner and managing director of indupro, a brokerage company for fruit juices, concentrates, essential oils, aromas and powders.

In the hours that are left over, I take care of my family, work on side projects that may become more dominant projects or even business. I try to learn something new every day.


Currently residing in the turbulent city of Washington D.C. in the USA. Originally from the Netherlands, we are used to exploring new cultures and countries… exactly what we are doing here too.

  1. 1.1976
  2. 2.Pun intended, referring to an opening scene of Seinfeld.